2019 CICLA Winners

In 2019, the CICLA Award received 198 children’s novels, 136 short stories and 334 pictures books originating from 32 countries and territories. The winners are:

Best Novels in Chinese Language

Best Novels in Chinese Language

《耗子大爷起晚了》(Uncle Mouse Gets Up Late) (Author: Ye Guangqin) published by Beijing Children and Juvenile Publishing House

《有鸽子的夏天》(The Summer with Pigeons) (Author: Liu Haiqi) published by Shandong Education Press

《焰火》(Fireworks) (Author: Li Donghua) published by Changjiang Literature and Art Publishing House

《追寻》(Pursuit) (Author: Xu Lu) published by Changjiang Children’s Publishing Group

《野蜂飞舞》(Flight of the Bumble Bee) (Author: Huang Beijia) published by Jiangsu Phoenix Juvenile and Children’s Publishing Ltd.

Best International Picture Books

Best International Picture Books

《一颗子弹的飞行》(The Flight of a Bullet) (China) (Author: Bai Bing; Illustrator: Liu Zhenjun) published by China Children’s Press & Publication Group

《别让太阳掉下来》(Don’t Let the Sun Fall Down) (China) (Author: Guo Zhenyuan; Illustrator:Zhu Chengliang) published by China Peace Publishing House

The Great Battle (Italy) (Author: Andrea Antinori; Illustrator: Andrea Antinori) published by Maurizio Corraini S.r.l.

Heads and Tails: Insects (Australia) (Author: John Canty; Illustrator: John Canty) published by Berbay Publishing Pty Ltd

Enreduana (Brazil) (Author: Roger Mello; Illustrator: Mariana Massarani) published by Companhia das Letrinhas

Best Short Story in Chinese Language

Best Short Story in Chinese Language

《鞋尖朝外》(Leave Shoes Pointing Outwards) (Author: Long Xiangmei) published in the September 2018 issue of Literature and Art for Teenagers magazine

《百万个明天》(Millions of Tomorrows) (Author: Qin Yingliang) published in the July and August 2018 issues of Children’s Literature magazine

《大山里来的孩子》(A Child Who Comes from the Mountains) (Author: Yi Ping) published in the August 2018 issue of Children’s Literature magazine

《只是一篇作文》(Just a Piece of Writing) (Author: Wang Wenhua) published in the November 2018 issue of Global Kids Monthly

Ren Rongrong

Special Contribution Award

Ren Rongrong (China)
Famous Children’s Literature Translator, Writer and Publisher


Special Contribution Award

Leonard S. Marcus (USA)
Historian and Critic of Children's Literature

Past winners