CCBF 2020 Children Plus in Review: Toddlers' Books

CCBF is launching the “Children +” focus, a new stream of events aiming to cast light on a trend, a topical subject, a book category of great influence, or a topic that we shall not forget about or ignore.

Toddlers’ books play a frontline role in establishing a special bound between children and books. Not only are they a child’s first media to grasp the concepts that surround them, but they are also objects to feel, touch and play with. Their apparent simplicity hides a rich universe which develops along with increasingly innovative educational approaches and bold graphic trends. As a result, in many countries board book sales are progressing faster than other children’s publications, showing the dynamism and diversity that can be found in them.

Produced by CCBF in collaboration with the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the "Toddlers First Books" exhibition intended to capture the newest trends through a selection of 142 titles carefully curated by Cooperativa Gianni Stoppani. The full list of exhibited books is now available for download here.

A highlight of the CCBF Children Plus event stream, the exhibition was complemented by a seminar boasting a panel of top experts of the field, "First Books, First Looks—Entering the World through Toddlers' Books".