Quotes About CCBF 2022

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This year's CCBF has been successfully held, attracting great attention from publishers at home and abroad, as well as the enthusiastic pursuit of readers. It fully reflects the professional level of the exhibition team and fully highlights the brand influence of CCBF. This fair takes into account the safety of epidemic prevention and the features of the exhibition. It's not easy. It deserves great congratulations!

Peng Weiguo (China), Vice President of Shanghai Century Publishing (Group) Co., Ltd.


The 9th China Shanghai International Children's Book Fair (CCBF), after two years of careful preparation and with the high expectations of all parties in the publishing industry, warmly welcomed readers in the early winter when the epidemic situation was still fluctuating. This fair has made full use of digital technology, set up a diversified exhibition and viewing mode, and achieved excellent online and offline interaction, domestic and foreign linkage. Through the combination of bookstores and workshops and other innovative means, it has strengthened the cultural construction, and further enhanced the brand image and social influence of the fair. I hope there will be no more epidemics next year, and a more exciting fair next year.

Shen Shuiping (China), Vice General Manager, China Educational Publications Import & Export Corporation LTD.


It is encouraging to see this edition's CCBF held as scheduled in the face of such a grim epidemic prevention situation. The scene of young readers embracing reading in spite of the epidemic was so touching. Our publishing house is determined to participate in the exhibition despite the difficulties, because, like you all, we firmly believe that there is no such thing as a bad winter. We also take this action to pay tribute to CCBF and to the enthusiastic young readers in Shanghai.

Liu Kaihui (China), President of 21st Century Publishing Group


Publishing is an industry with warm hearts. This year's CCBF was successfully held, allowing insiders to communicate face to face, so that publishing agencies can also listen to readers' suggestions and needs. Thanks to the organizer's hard preparation and arrangement, we will actively participate in this Fair in the future.

Xu Jiaguo (China), Vice General Manager of Beijing Cheerful Century Co.,Ltd.


During the short three-day exhibition period, we were deeply moved by the enthusiasm of Shanghai readers. The exhibition site and stand were filled with a strong atmosphere of reading, especially those children who love to read, which made the editors of POST WAVE KIDS feel very happy.

Ran Huarong (China), Editor-in-Chief of Post Wave Kids Publishing Consulting Co., Ltd.


China represents a very important market for the Italian book industry. In particular, the segment related to books for children is very productive in Italy, with many valuables companies and can have important outlets in the Chinese market. Even if the pandemic created some difficulties to the opportunities for the match between Italian books companies and Chinese companies, we believe that events like CCBF can help to boost the business connections and recreate important links in the rights exchange between the 2 markets.

Giuliano Martini (Italy), Deputy Trade Commissioner of Italian Trade Agency Shanghai Office


You have overcome all difficulties and finally launched a children's book feast for Shanghai people. In the shadow of the pandemic, you bring hope and warmth to children.

Qu Yuanyuan (China), Sales Director of Penguin Random House North Asia


Thanks to CCBF for its efforts in epidemic prevention and control. Therefore, the fair could be held as scheduled in a safe and orderly organization to provide support and platform for communication and cooperation between the publishing industry. Various types of online and selection activities held at the same time provided exhibitors with different levels of product display and presentation, and also provided diversified understanding of products and their own needs to support the public.

Ying Peihua (China), Marketing Manager of Oxford University Press


As a high-end plush gift company from the UK, this is the first time we are taking jELLYCAT books to CCBF in China to meet people in the book industry. We hope that these children's books created with plush toys IP can allow children to read and play with matching plush toys, so the baby can grow up healthily with them from both body and mind!

Jin Denan (China), General Manager of Jellycat (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.