2021 Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award Winners Announced

In 2021, the Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award (CICLA) Award received 108 Chinese children's novels and 347 pictures books originating from 28 countries and territories.  Presided by the children’s writer, poet and essayist, the Jury was composed of nine children's literature and picture book specialists. The winners of the year were announced on 8 December during a ceremony hold at the Baoshan International Folk Arts Exhibition Centre, which also marked the 40th anniversary of the creation of the prestigious prize.

The winners of CICLA 2021 are:

Best Picture Books of the Year

Jackie French (text)
Bruce Whatley (ill.)
Scholastic Australia (2020)

Sulla vita sfortunata dei vermi (On the Unfortunate Life of Worms)
Noemi Vola (text & ill.)
Corraini Edizioni (2021)

Animal-Shaped Earthen Whistles
Wang Zumin (text & ill.)
Published by Dolphin Press (2021)

Three Friends
Liu Haiqi (text)
Luo Ling (ill.)
Tomorrow Publishing House (2021)

The Nest of Magpies
Hai Fei (text)
Yang Bo (ill.)
Qingdao Publishing House (2021)

Best Literary Works in Chinese Language

Children of Peace Ark
Jian Ping (text)
Juvenile & Children's Publishing House (2020)

Children who Follow the Light
Shu Huibo (text)
21st Century Publishing Group (2020)

The Final Score
Zhang Pincheng (text)
Changjiang Children's Publishing Group (2020)

There is No Real Empty House in the World
Liu Dong (text)
Fujian Children's Publishing House (2020)

Green Pearl
Tang Tang (text)
Zhejiang Juvenile and Children's Publishing House (2020)

Additionally, two special distinctions were given to figures whose career have left a deep mark on the children's book community, both inside and outside China.

Special Contribution

Sheng Ye (China)

Best Author of the Year

Michael Morpurgo (UK)

About the Chen Bochui Award

The CICLA is one of the longest running literary prizes in China, as well as one of the most important awards promoted by CCBF. Founded in 1981 by the Shanghainese children's writer Chen Bochui (1906-1997), it honours authors, illustrators and professionals who have made a great contribution to children's literature in China and the rest of the world. Since 2014, it has been reframed as an international competition, aiming to foster international cultural exchange, encourage the production of beautiful and inspiring children's contents, and promote reading around China.