Author of the Year

Hervé Tullet (France)
Children's book author, artist, performer

Hervé Tullet is author of the year. When referring to him as an AUTHOR, the word must be understood in as broad a meaning as possible. Through a 30-years’ phenomenal career recognised at its most early stage by a Bologna Ragazzi Award, Hervé Tullet has created a collection of remarkably singular books that strike us by their originality and conceptual coherence.

Hervé Tullet defines himself as a concept maker, a “conceptor of books meant to be read with children”.  Although he doesn’t consider himself as an illustrator, he has managed to develop his very own art, an art full of surprising and playful concepts that have become his signature.  his unique and unprecedented approach to picture book creation earned him a dazzling success, exemplified by his masterpiece “Press Here”.

Hervé Tullet has given an extraordinary value to apparently simple stains and squiggles. But above all, he values actions and ideas—which are the theme of his last book—much more than well-executed pictures. Tullet defies the deeply-rooted belief that art comes from virtuousity. Instead, his work invites millions of children over the world to look at books in a very distinctive way. Through his books, he helps children establish a new relation with art and creative practices.

So if we are here today, it is not only to celebrate an author, an illustrator, a concept-maker and an innovator, it is also to give our most sincere recognition to a great thinker and  advocate of childhood.