Children Plus

The 2021 edition of Children Plus is placed under the motto of “Books & Seeds, help children understand their relation to Nature, and plant seeds of knowledge and awareness for a way of life respectful of the planet and its diversity.

What is Children Plus?

In 2019, CCBF launched “Children Plus”, a new stream of events aiming to cast light on a trend, a topical subject, a book category or a theme of special relevance for the global publishing industry, whether because it has marked its past or because it is shaping its present through vigorous trends and an innovative production.

Every year, Children Plus will identify a different category of books—relevant from both international and local perspectives—to become a highlight of the CCBF programme. Children Plus features:

(1) A book exhibition with a wide selection of titles curated in close cooperation with the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. Featuring titles from all around the world, it also includes an extended selection of original Chinese and Asian books on the topic.
(2) A conference conceived as a state-of-play discussion between experts and professionals from all over the world, with special attention to the questions at stake in the Asia-Pacific publishing industry.
(3) More events to echo with theme of the year, including lectures, workshops and book presentations.

Children Plus: Books & Seeds

This edition of Children Plus is placed under the motto of “Books & Seeds”. The Books & Seeds exhibition intends to help children understand their relation to Nature, and plant seeds of knowledge and awareness for a way of life respectful of the planet and its diversity. Through the books featured in the exhibition, children and young people can grow with new opportunities to learn about the world and receive the motivation to take action while keeping at heart the well-being of everyone.

“Books & Seeds” gathers nearly 200 children’s books published in 20 countries and territories in recent years, so as to create a multilingual library of the best contents offered by international children’s publishers on these topics. After a first appearance at Expo Milan 2015, the Books & Seeds exhibition is landing in Shanghai in an enriched and updated shape. It bestows new considerations and questions on a wide variety of themes, from the right to food to environment protection, from the indispensable preservation of biodiversity to the conflicts inducing mass migrations or the struggles for resources captured by just a few.

Innovative, comprehensive and diverse, the Books & Seeds books selection has been rigorously established by a team of curators lead by children’s book experts Grazia Gotti and Silvana Sola (Cooperativa Giannino Stoppani, Italy). It includes some the best titles presented in the Bologna Children’s Book Fair’s Ragazzi Awards, as well as titles submitted by CCBF exhibitors and other leading children publishing houses from all over the world.

Beyond the books, the exhibition also offers a visually impacting scenography based on the book I Ate Sunshine for Breakfast, by Michael Holland and Philip Giordano. Giordano's art will keep you company throughout your visit of the exhibition.


From the beans ground in a morning coffee to the pasta one eats to recover from physical exercise, seeds provide the energy our body needs to develop, just like books feed our minds with thoughts and imagination. Let’s open our appetite for a feast of lush and flavourful books!

a new green day

Green Garden, Green Books, Green Future: Discover More About the ‘Books & Seeds’ Exhibition

Last Chance to Propose Books for the 2021 Children Plus Special Exhibition!It is an open process that welcomes new proposals by children’s book publishers from all around the world. Submissions are accepted until 30 June 2021.

Children Plus: Books & Seeds CCBF Takes Action on Earth Day

Today more than ever, caring for the planet should be a priority, not only for policy makers, but also for citizens of all ages, who have no choice but to learn to take action, and grow new conducts offering a better and more sustainable way of life. On Earth Day, we are happy to share with you a few well-chosen titles to celebrate Mother Earth.

CCBF 2020 Children Plus in Review: Toddlers' Books

Produced by CCBF in collaboration with the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the "Toddlers First Books" exhibition intended to capture the newest trends through a selection of 142 titles carefully curated by Cooperativa Gianni Stoppani.