Call for Application: 35th Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award in 2023


The Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award is an international children's literature award named after the Chinese children's literature master, Mr. Chen Bochui. It aims to promote Mr. Chen Bochui's idea of "writing great literature for children" and to recognize and reward professionals and individuals around the world who have made outstanding contributions to the field of children's literature and picture books through creation, publication, research, promotion, and dissemination. The award is prompt to cultivate new talents in children's literature and promote communication and exchange worldwide to nurture more children with better works. The award has been held 34 times within 41 years with applications of more than 1200 overseas works from over 50 countries.

The guidance of application for the Best Picture Book and the Best Literary Work for the 35th Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award is as follows:

I. Organization
The award is sponsored by the Shanghai Press and Publication Bureau, the People's Government of Baoshan District, and the Chen Bochui Children's Literature Foundation Professional Committee.
The award is hosted by the Baoshan District Culture and Tourism Bureau. The award is organized by Shanghai Dayin Bookstore Co., Ltd.

II. Application Guidance
(1)    Submission
A global call for publicly published children’s picture books as well as children’s literature in Chinese.
The submission shall meet the following requirement
•    Conveyance of a healthy, correct, and scientific view of children
•    Respect for children’s growth nature and understanding their reading habits 
•    Be thought-provoking, artistic, and inspiring with a broad international vision and creativity
•    Be able to promote ethnic characteristics and regional cultures

(2) Applicants
Publishers and authors of children's picture book and literature (hereinafter referred to as "applicants") are all welcome. Details are as follows:

•    Best Picture Book
Maximum of 10 submissions for one publisher 
Maximum 2 submissions for one author
The submissions shall be original picture books in any language
•    Best Literary Work 
Maximum of 10 submissions for one publisher (including single articles)
Maximum 2 submissions for one author 
The submissions shall be in Chinese and no limitation on topic, length and genre including but not limited to fairy tales, novels, poetry, fables, plays, etc.

(3) Submission Requirements
The submissions shall be the first edition from the publisher and shall be the originality from the author
The submissions for The Best Picture Books must be released between Oct 1st, 2022 and Aug 31st, 2023.
The submissions for The Best Literary Work must be published between Jul 1st, 2022 and Jun 30st, 2023, subject to the time of first edition stated on the copyright page.

(4) Registration Method
For online registration, please visit the website: Overseas users should register using an email address and follow the instructions on the webpage (the submitted work attachment must be a complete high-definition PDF file).
5 sample books shall be prepared for each submission and delivered to below address:

No. 390, Fuzhou Road, Shanghai, China
Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award Committee

It is recommended to use international express delivery services such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx and indicate "Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award Submissions" 
Please also send an email to, including below information
•    Delivery number 
•    Country
•    Author
•    Book title
For more information, please contact us.
•    Contact person: Zhang Wei
•    Tel: 0086-21-23204830
•    Email:

III. Submission Time
(1) Start time: March 18, 2023
(2) Deadline:
•    The deadline for The Best Picture Book is Aug 31st, 2023
•    The deadline for The Best Literary Work is Jun 30th, 2023
Online registration and submissions by mail before the above deadlines are considered valid

IV. Selection and Awards
The organizer will form a professional and authoritative international team to conduct fair, objective, and professional evaluation of the submissions, and reward the winning works.
•    Best Picture Book 
No more than 5 awards 
5 nomination awards
Prize and certificates will be issued
•    Best Literary Work
No more than 5 awards 
5 nomination awards
Prize and certificates will be issued

The organizer will publish and recommend the works that enter the final evaluation through the "Annual Recommended List" and issue honorary certificates.

V. Award Announcement
The results will be notified through email. The award ceremony is scheduled in November 2023, with a specific date to be determined.

VI. Statement
(1) Applicants shall guarantee the originality and legality of submissions. There shall be no acts of plagiarism or infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of others. If there is any infringement, all legal consequences shall be borne by the applicant.
(2) Applicants must complete the registration form as required to avoid being unable to contact due to incorrect information or misleading contact information.
(3) The organizer promises to keep confidential the information submitted by the applicants, strictly protect the copyright of the uploaded and mailed submissions, and not use them for any purposes unrelated to the award.

Within the framework of the law, the organizer has the final interpretation right.