SHVIP is the CCBF publishers fellowship, an exchange programme designed for publishing managers, publishers and editors of all levels who have a special interest in selling and buying rights on the publishing markets of China and its Asian neighbours.


Short for Shanghai Visiting International Children’s Publishers, SHVIP is a six-day publishers’ fellowship programme, the first of its kind to be designed exclusively for children’s book people. Now running for an eighth consecutive year, SHVIP has already helped 74 international publishers come to Shanghai to gain detailed insight into the local publishing landscape and visit CCBF from an exclusive perspective.

Based on the conviction that mutual knowledge is key to fruitful business, SHVIP takes a small group of children’s book professionals to visit some of Shanghai's most important publishing companies and bookstores to better understand how the market works.

In 2020, the call for applications has received a ground-breaking number of applications: nothing less than 80 requests from 29 different countries and territories.

Among the candidates, 10 children's book editors have been selected to participate in the 2020 edition of the programme. 

IMPORTANT NOTE (08/09/2020):

In the light of the current Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions applying to transborder travels, the SHVIP Publishers fellowship, which was initially scheduled from 9 to 14 November 2020 in Shanghai, is postponed to November 2021.

The fellowship has built its success on the strength of the human and social factors—face-to-face networking, hands-on experience etc—which even the smartest online tools cannot reproduce. Therefore, the ten publishers who had been selected earlier this year will be reconducted for the next edition of CCBF.

We are looking forward to welcome them in Shanghai!

For more information, please contact:
Carolina Ballester, SHVIP programme manager


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